Google Obtains Patent To Use Background Noise To Target Ads

Google Background Noise Patent March 2012

The Search Engine Giant (Google) is at it again and Technology users should be aware. Google just patented the technology to filter sound, humidity, temperature, and various other factors from sensors on our cellular devices to analyze and send us more relevant advertising. Google says it will respect our privacy with the new technology, but how Google Sound Patent March 2012much privacy do we really have left?

This development confirms it is possible to identify a lot more about our environment through a cellular phone conversation other than just GPS syncs and locations. Also, you can’t analyze background noise without taking note of the foreground noise, otherwise known as our cell phone “personal” conversations.

In other words, the patent office has given Google the “go-ahead” on development that invades our privacy in one of the most important techniques. Assurance from a tremendous company like Google is not enough to set my mind at ease that they’re not eavesdropping on my personal life and conversations. What gives them the right to invade people’s privacy in this way?

Are targeted ads really worth giving Google access to your personal conversations? I don’t think so. What are your thoughts on this?

Here is a link to see the Full Patent: Click Here

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